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Swan Properties Rental Policies


On behalf of everyone at Swan Properties, we're so happy to have you! We want to ensure your stay with us is enjoyable and in order to do this, we need to set some ground rules.


Below we have general rental policies for all of our properties. Every property can be a bit different, so any policies that are specific to the house you are renting, can be found on your member's page. Please note that all of these policies are listed on your lease or orientation document as well.


Please call us promptly with any maintenance requests.  Your home has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any maintenance issues prior to your taking occupancy. However, we do not live in the home and therefore will not be aware when you have a future maintenance concern unless you tell us.  It is 100% your responsibility to report maintenance issues.

Here is a list of items we want to know about immediately:

  1. Mold (within 48 hours)

  2. Drippy faucets, drippy pipes, or “running” toilets (within 48 hours)

  3. Moisture where there should be none (roof, under the sink, etc.)

Your Repair Responsibility 

  • Mold (from living conditions): Mold will grow if given the opportunity. Keep your home clean and dry, with adequate ventilation and air movement. This means making sure all rooms receive heat and airflow on a consistent basis. Immediately clean up any sign of mold or mildew growth to prevent damage to the building. This includes behind furniture, in windows, in corners of walls, etc.

  • (Some) Leaks: You are responsible for leaks caused by misuse or neglect (such as knocking drain lines loose). Report all leaks immediately, as they can become a very big problem very quickly.

  • Faucets/knobs: Faucets and knobs can break easily if not handled properly.

  • Broken windows, blinds, doors, glass, locks, or any other damage caused directly/indirectly by you or your guests.

  • Light bulbs: These are your responsibility to replace.

  • Batteries: It is your responsibility to keep your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in working order by replacing the batteries on a regular schedule.                  

  • Clogged toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and other drains.

Unreported repair needs that lead to preventable damage, such as:

  • Mold: Once again, mold and mildew will grow if given the opportunity. It is your responsibility to prevent mold and mildew and to clean it up at the first sign to avoid costly liability. If you do not kill mold and mildew immediately, it will continue to spread, leading to damage, damage that could have been prevented, therefore making you liable for the repair.

  • Rot/damage from leaks: It is your responsibility to report all drippy faucets and pipe leaks within 48 hours. Non-reported leaks lead to damage that could have been prevented, therefore making you liable for the cost to repair the damage.

What is emergency maintenance?

  • An emergency maintenance problem is something that if not taken care of IMMEDIATELY will cause significant damage. Emergencies usually involve water or fire. If it involves fire, call 911.


  • As you know the utilities are included in the monthly price of the property. Utilities include electricity, gas, water, trash & sewer, internet, and some television streaming apps. The stove/oven, heater and water heater are all gas powered. The rest of the utilities are powered through electricity.

  • Please be mindful of your use of gas and electricity. Gas is the most expensive utility, especially during the colder winter months of California. The PG&E plan used is called Time-of-Use (Peak Pricing 4 – 9 PM Every Day). How this works:

  • The price you pay for gas & electricity changes based on the time of day:

  • Peak (higher price) – 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day

  • Off-Peak (lower price) – before 4 p.m. and after 9 p.m. every day

  • This means you can help save money if you can reduce your energy usage overall and especially during the higher-priced (peak) hours.

  • Checkout PG&E's tips for saving energy and money during your stay: 


  • Rent can be paid through Avail, by cashier’s check, money order, Zelle or Venmo. See details below. We cannot accept cash or personal checks.

  • Avail: The Avail platform can accept rent payments. Just sign in to your account and access the Payments section.

  • Cashier’s Check & Money Orders should be made out to Rachera Swan. Arrangements should be made ahead of time to drop off payment in person. Mailed checks will not be accepted due to the high chance of fraud. It will be your responsibility to drop off payment by the due date and before the end of the grace period. 

  • Venmo: @Rachera-Swan (Use ‘1616’ as the last 4 digits of the phone number)

  • Zelle:

    • Note: Many digital wallet service companies (i.e. Venmo, PayPal, etc.) charge a fee for goods & services. Any payments received with a service fee will incur an additional $50 penalty fee and the rest of the rent payment will be due before the end of the grace period. This includes credit card payments through electronic applications as well.

Rent is always due on the 1st of every month. Rent payments must be paid in full at all times to avoid a late fee. Past balances are considered rent due. For example, if you owe a balance of $40.00 in addition to rent (ex. $500), on the 1st $540.00 would be due. Rent is due on the 1st of each month, and it is solely your responsibility to be sure your rent gets to us on time. You will need to plan ahead to be sure you pay your rent on time. We understand that sometimes you may need a little more time; therefore, we give an additional 5 days’ grace period each month for instances when you cannot pay by the 1st.


If you do not pay your rent by the 5th of the month, this is what to expect:

  • On the 6th, an additional $30 late fee will be applied and an additional $5 will begin accruing each day until your rent is paid in full.

  • On the 7th, you will be given an Eviction Notice, at which time you have 3 days to pay your rent and late fees in full, or you will have to move.

  • By the 10th, if we have still not received your rent payment and late fees, you will be evicted.

What Happens if Rent is Late...

  • It gets expensive! Plan ahead to avoid costly late fees.

  • Eviction will be filed following the schedule above.

  • When you are evicted, it goes on your permanent record, and it will be extremely difficult to find another home to rent.

  • When you are evicted, you are billed for our attorney’s costs.

  • When you are evicted, you create a substantial monetary judgment against you, which if remains unpaid is sent to a collection agency and affects your credit and credibility.

No Smoking Policy

One of the reasons you were chosen as a tenant is because you do not smoke tobacco, marijuana or vape. We do not allow smoking or vaping of any kind in any rental, or within 20 feet of our buildings. Smoke permeates and damages ceilings, carpets, walls, and floor coverings. You will be held liable for any smoke-related damage within the rental.

No Pets

Pets are not allowed without written approval from the landlord and are subject to additional fees. If you intend to hide a pet within your unit, please reconsider to avoid causing your own eviction.

Guest Policy

Guests are welcome to stay for up to 14 consecutive days at a time. Guests must abide by all applicable terms and conditions of the lease, including any rules and regulations applicable to the Premises.


Occupancy is limited to ONLY the people we listed on the lease agreement. If you decide to get a roommate after you move in or you have a guest staying for more than 14 consecutive days, you must notify us, and they must fill out an application and go through our approval process. All occupants must meet our screening standards. Keep in mind there is an occupancy limit for the home you rent.


Loud parties are not allowed.

Noise Levels

Out of respect for your neighbors, please keep all noise to a minimum. Your neighbors are entitled to the quiet enjoyment of their home at all times.


Decks/balconies must remain clear of debris, garbage, bicycles, toys, furniture, tarps, and other clutter. Do not use your balcony as storage or to dry clothes. Decks/balconies are meant for your enjoyment. A barbecue, lawn furniture, and small plants are the only acceptable items. Failure to abide by this policy will result in termination of your tenancy.

Fire Pit Use (if applicable)

Please follow the rules below to ensure a safe and enjoyable time with the fire pit:

  • Please enjoy the fire pit at your own risk. Swan Properties and any of its agents are not liable for any personal injury due to use of the fire pit.

  • Be mindful of California's Spare the Air Day alerts that make burning wood illegal on these days.

  • Guests are responsible for any damage done to the property due to use of the fire pit.

  • Please note the location of the fire extinguisher before use of the fire pit.

  • Be mindful of the weather conditions before using the pit. Do not start a fire during windy conditions as this can blow embers around. Be sure to clean up the surrounding area of leaves and stray branches that may start a fire if an ember were to jump.

  • Adults should always be in attendance when anyone under the age of 18 years old is enjoying the fire pit. Please closely watch any children and pets while using the fire pit.

  • The fire pit may only be placed on the cement ground. Do not place the pit underneath the awning while a fire is going. Do not place on sand, gravel, rocks, table tops, etc.

  • The fire pit must be placed at least 10 feet away from the house, fence, or any other flammable structure/materials.

  • Only dry firewood, old newspaper and other SAFE fire materials may be placed in the fire pit.

  • No flammable liquids should be used to start the fire. Please use one of the lighters to start the fire.

  • No food may be placed in the fire pit. It should not be used to cook food except when using proper skewers to cook over the flame (i.e. marshmallows or hot dogs).

  • Do not leave fire unattended. Please put the fire out completely before walking away. To put out the fire:

    • Use water to drown the fire.

    • Using the fire poker or shovel, stir the fire and ashes around as ashes can hold heat within the pile.

    • Continue to drown the fire with water as needed until you are confident all of the ashes and all sides of the wood are wet.

    • Feel around to ensure nothing is still smoldering. 

    • Remember, if the fire is too hot to touch, then it is too hot for you to leave.

    • Leave the ashes in the pit when done. If you are going to be staying with us for a long period of time, either contact management for assistance in disposing the ashes, or read the instructions outlined on this website.

  • When the fire pit is completely cool (usually 24 hours later), move the pit underneath the awning and place the cover over it.

  • Please use the safety gloves, shovel, fire poker and fire extinguisher as needed when handling the pit.

Surveillance Cameras

In an effort to prevent vandalism and damage to the property, monitoring devices may have been installed around the exterior and garage areas of the main property. The devices are used for the limited purpose of monitoring the conduct of persons who may cause such damage and destruction. No monitoring devices have been installed inside the home.

Check out Process

Unless otherwise stated, the estimated date of checkout listed on your rental application will be considered your checkout date. Out of courtesy, please send an e-mail to Swan Properties no later than 30 days prior to this check out date to confirm your checkout date.


Before you leave:

  • Please DO NOT make your bed. This makes it easier for our cleaners to know which beds/rooms were slept in and which were not touched

  • Place all used towels in the laundry basket located in your closet, or laundry room. If you have the time, please place them in the washer and start a cycle.

  • Place any dirty dishes in the sink/dishwasher

  • Turn off the heater/air conditioner before you leave

  • Please place your trash in the appropriate bins in the front/backyard

  • Remove all perishable items from the refrigerator and pantry leaving any spices if you'd like

  • Check to be sure you have not left any personal items behind

  • Make sure the door is locked behind you

Extending Your Stay

We at Swan Properties would love to have you stay with us for as long as you need. If you need to extend your stay with us, please let us know no later than 30 days prior to your expected check out date and we will try to accommodate you. Please note that we may not be able to fulfill your request due to bookings already made by future tenants, but we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

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